Application of Reagents Replacing Mercaptan in Organic Synthesis

Tingting Ru, Yue Zhao, Shanshan Liu
2017 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
With the development of green chemistry as the purpose, the application of the economy easily obtained, odorless, stable a-carboxyl two ketene as an alternative to thiol reagents in organic synthesis is studied. Under mild conditions, the mercaptal / ketone reaction by taking a-carboxyl two ketene as odorless thiol reagents is successfully implemented. The experiment is carried out in acetyl chloride methanol system. First of all, the mercaptal / ketone reaction by substituting the reagents by
more » ... -(1, 3 one or two - 2 exposure subunit)- 2, and 4 - acetyl-propionyl for 1, 3-Propylene-dithioacetal is successfully carried out. The experimental results show that the reaction activity of compound 4a is obviously higher than that of compound al, so it is determined that 4a is the best substitute reagent for 1, 3- propyl - two mercaptan. Then, for the analogs of 4a - 1-(1, 3 one or two butylene sulfide 2 subunit) acetone 4b, 4, 4-(two ethylthio / two sulfur)-3-ene-2-butanone 4c and 4d respectively for 1, 2-a mercaptan, mercaptal / ketone reaction reagent replaces ethanethiol and section mercaptan, and the conclusion is that the reaction effect is very good.
doi:10.3303/cet1759036 doaj:e31736411a5f46e9a261a984e8c9f056 fatcat:tyci2my2nnb3ffmbrgv724dahe