Research Progress of Border for Solar Photovoltaic Modules

Xingxing Wang, Haoyang Lu, Hongjun Ni, Wenfan Lu, Minqi Zhang, Yongpei Zhang
2015 Proceedings of the International Conference on Chemical,Material and Food Engineering   unpublished
With the sustainable development of economy, sol ar energy has been widely used as a clean energy, photovolta ic industry has been rapid development. This article summar izes the summary and classification of solar photovoltaic mo dules frame; Comparative analysis is mainly focused on the aluminum frame, stainless steel frame and composite frame etc. The advantages and disadvantages of solar energy photo voltaic component frame; Aluminum frame, with its good pe rformance, the advantage, low
more » ... advantage, low cost and large-scale applicatio n. Also expounds on the role and structure and fixed way an d way of surface treatment of aluminum frame, and the stru cture of different, contrasted the fixed way and surface treat ment method, analyzes its advantages and disadvantages. Fi nally this paper summarizes the present status of solar photo voltaic modules border, summarizes the problems that exist i n the solar photovoltaic modules border, and explains the ca uses of the problem; Put forward the photovoltaic componen t frame will towards lightweight, refinement, high strength, t he direction of integration.
doi:10.2991/cmfe-15.2015.69 fatcat:fbt3hf7axvd2tpzawta4ol7xsa