Owning a piece of the Doc: State law restraints on lay ownership of healthcare enterprises

Andrew Fichter
2006 Journal of health law  
This Article provides an analytical framework for assessing state regulation regarding lay ownership of healthcare entities. The author suggests there are three categories of state regulation restraining lay ownership, each focused on a particular stakeholder in healthcare transactions: provider, patient, and payor. These regulatory paradigms are analyzed through a discussion of three state approaches (California, Illinois, and Florida), each exemplifying a particular stakeholder schema. The
more » ... icle then highlights shortcomings of the three schemas, pointing out formal frustrations, application inequities, and doctrinal flaws. The author concludes that any successful state regulation of lay ownership in healthcare should incorporate aspects of all approaches in pursuit of accommodating the needs of all three stakeholders.
pmid:16761383 fatcat:u2tzkzugoncxjmkysseiyyuv2q