Effects of roasting on the nutritional and anti-nutritional composition of raw Terminalia catappa L (Tropical almond) Kernels

Adesina Adeolu, Jonathan
2015 Malaya Journal of Biosciences   unpublished
Raw and roasted tropical almond (Tarminalia catappa) seeds' kernel were investigated for nutritional and anti-nutritional compositions. The results of proximate composition showed that the crude fat (%) levels were: raw (45.1) and roasted (46.1), crude protein (%): raw (3.92) and roasted (16.8), CHO (%): raw (34.1) and roasted (23.2) while the energy contents (kJ/100g) were: raw (2315) and roasted (2386). The concentrations (mg/100g) of essential minerals in the raw kernels were in the range
more » ... 9-3462, the most concentrated being P (3462) whereas for the roasted kernel sample the range was 12.6-692 and the most concentrated mineral being K (692). However the computed mineral ratios were all within the recommended levels in human nutrition. The levels of anti-nutritional factors (mg/100g) in both raw and roasted samples were: tannin (