Saint Or Sinner ???- A Complete Rehabilitation Of A Full Blown Condition Of Ectodermal Dysplasia: Case Report

Maheswari Uma, kumar Bala prasanna, Baby john, Kavita Bekal
Ectodermal dysplasia consists of clinically and genetically heterogeneous groups of disorders characterized by absence of or incomplete or delayed development of one or more of the appendages derived from epidermal tissue (hair, sweat gland, teeth, skin, and nails) or of oral ectodermal origin during embryogenesis. A case of a seven year-old child with full blown condition of ectodermal dysplasia is presented. Common dental, oral, and physical conditions were taken into consideration. Clinical
more » ... deration. Clinical management consisted of an overdenture to improve psychological development and to promote better functioning of the stomatognathic system.
doi:10.5368/aedj.2010.2.3.68-72.pdf fatcat:2zmvpqlhyrbs3ax33tvvwiiatm