2017 IEEE Signal Processing Letters  
SAS-STAT Detection, estimation and classifi cation theory and methods, statistical signal processing SAS-SYST System identifi cation and modeling, nonlinear systems SAS-ICAB Independent component analysis and blind source separation SAS-ADAP Adaptive systems and adaptive fi ltering SAS-MALN Machine learning and neural networks SAS-TENS Tensor signal processing SAS-OPTIM Optimization MLSAS-SPARSE Theory of sparse representations and compressed-sensing MLSAS-BAYES Bayesian learning; particle fi
more » ... ers; information-theoretic learning MLSAS-GRAPH Graphical and kernel methods MLSAS-MAN Manifold learning, applications of differential geometry and adaptive signal processing on manifolds MLSAS-SOC Social networks, social learning models and game theoretic analysis MLSAS-PATT Pattern recognition and classifi cation MLSAS-BIGD Big data methods and applications MLSAS-DEEP Deep learning
doi:10.1109/lsp.2017.2774431 fatcat:5vyhgwgycbb5fcjwzx7m6n27ae