Philosophy of Nutrition. A Historical, Existential, Phenomenological Perspective

Enrico Giannetto
2017 Relations  
The paper develops a philosophy of nutrition, based on the idea that nutrition is the fundamental condition of possibility of the existence: being presupposes eating. Eating meat historically presupposes preying, hunting or fishing, that is killing other animals. This violence is at the roots of our civilisation: it transformed human way of life, human way of being. Violence over other species then spreads as violence at the level of the same human, social, relationships. Violence over other
more » ... cies has been called "work" and now the division of work allows the majority of individuals for a life without preying and without violence and so for spreading a new way of thinking and feeling, a new way of living. A new antispeciesist ethics become possible, based on a vegan style of living.
doi:10.7358/rela-2017-001-gian fatcat:6j7z2e2kzre4dnank73fdctpo4