Traditional puffed fish cracker ('kemplang Palembang') by microwave-oven method: Physical properties and microstructure evaluation

Guttifera Guttifera, Laila Rahmawati, Selly Ratna Sari, Filli Pratama, Tri Wardani Widowati
2022 Czech Journal of Food Sciences  
This research has investigated the physical properties (volume expansion, texture) and microstructure of 'kemplang Palembang', traditional fish puffed crackers from Indonesia which were puffed using the microwave-oven method. The microwave-oven method was designed by the factorial randomised block design (FRBD) which contains egg addition as factors (A1 – control; A2 – egg yolk; A3 – egg white and egg yolk) and moisture factors (B1 – 7.5 ± 1%; B2 – 13.5 ± 1%). The results revealed that the egg
more » ... ddition and moisture were significant (P < 0.05) to the volume expansion and texture. Meanwhile, the microstructure of kemplang Palembang was evidenced by 3D visual analysis using the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) technique. The microstructural analysis by SEM showed that the porosity caused a significant change in volume expansion and texture. The results suggest the feasibility of adding eggs and moisture 13.5 ± 1% (A1B2 treatment) for proper volume expansion (523%), texture [156.2 gram-force (gf)], and microstructure.
doi:10.17221/52/2021-cjfs fatcat:urgcc4pl3zbx5o54jnbopdberq