Laser pulse bidirectional reflectance from CALIPSO mission

Xiaomei Lu, Yongxiang Hu, Yuekui Yang, Mark Vaughan, Zhaoyan Liu, Sharon Rodier, William Hunt, Kathy Powell, Patricia Lucker, Charles Trepte
2018 Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions  
This paper presents an innovative retrieval method that translates the CALIOP land surface laser pulse returns into the surface bidirectional reflectance. To better analyze the surface returns, the CALIOP receiver impulse response and the downlinked samples' distribution at 30 m resolution are discussed. The saturated laser pulse magnitudes from snow and ice surfaces are recovered based on surface tail information. The retrieved snow surface bidirectional reflectance is compared with
more » ... reflectance from both CALIOP cloud cover regions and MODIS BRDF/Albedo model parameters. In addition to the surface bidirectional reflectance, the column top-of-atmosphere bidirectional reflectances are calculated from the CALIOP lidar background data and compared with the bidirectional reflectances derived from WFC radiance measurements. The retrieved CALIOP surface bidirectional reflectance and column top-of-atmosphere bidirectional reflectance results provide unique information to complement existing MODIS standard data products and are expected to have valuable applications for modellers.
doi:10.5194/amt-2017-488 fatcat:umd7fmk3znddlm7eear4f4hqbi