Magnetized hairy black holes of dimensionally continued gravity coupled to double-logarithmic electrodynamics

Askar Ali
A recently proposed model for nonlinear electrodynamics has been minimally coupled to dimensionally continued gravity and the topological black holes in the presence of conformal scalar field were studied. In this setup, the new magnetized hairy black hole solution has been found and its thermodynamic properties have also been analyzed. The exact expressions for mass, entropy, Hawking temperature and heat capacity are derived and local thermodynamic stability for the resulting black holes has
more » ... en checked. In addition to this, the modified Smarr's formula is constructed and the generalized first law has also been verified. Finally, the hairy magnetized black holes in general Lovelock-scalar gravity have also been studied.
doi:10.48550/arxiv.2011.10858 fatcat:eip32o2kyreovcbrudc6p6xynu