Saddle policies for secure routing in communication networks

S. Bohacek, J.P. Hespanha, K. Obraczka
Proceedings of the 41st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2002.  
In this paper we prove that the off-line policies proposed in a previous paper [1] for secure routing in communication networks are actually saddle-point solutions and therefore not overly "conservative." We show this in a more general setting than the one originally proposed in [1] as it allows us to handle, e.g., attacks on nodes. It had been shown before that secure routing designed to handle single-link attacks maximizes throughput by maximally distributing packets over the available paths
more » ... rom source to destination. The routing policies constructed to handle single-node attacks maximally distribute packets among all nodes and are therefore load-balancing. This type of policies thus also have application beyond secure routing and may proof useful in wireless networks where power is at a premium. * The research presented in this paper was supported by DARPA and NSF. not an alternative to other IP layer security mechanisms, such as VPNs [4] and IPsec [5], it is instead a complementary technique to enhance security in communication networks.
doi:10.1109/cdc.2002.1184717 fatcat:tiinkgpdr5eh3ef7ilemuduhwe