Application of Carrageenan Stabilized Fe 0 Nanoparticles for the Degradation of Chlorpyrifos in water

Reddy Vijaya Bhaskar, Madhavi, Reddy Gangadhara, Madhavi
2012 International Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment   unpublished
This paper describes the synthesis of carrageenan-stabilized Fe 0 (abbreviated as CG-Fe 0) nanoparticles and their applications to the degradation of chlorpyrifos under controlled laboratorial conditions. For this purpose batch mode experiments were conducted to understand the effects of carageenen on the surface characteristics of Fe 0 nanoparticles, optimum removal of chlorpyrifos and other parameters including dosage of CG-Fe 0 and pH of solution. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis
more » ... ndicated that CG-Fe 0 nanoparticles were well dispersed, and remained in suspension for days compared to non-stabilized Fe 0 nanoparticles precipitated within minutes. Batch experiments demonstrated CG-Fe 0 nanoparticles could effectively destructed chlorpyrifos. Near 89% of reduction efficiency was achieved by CG-Fe 0 for 6hrs treatment. The first order chlorpyrifos degradation rates were 0.387h-1 and 0.178h-1 for CG-Fe 0 and Fe 0 particles respectively. The removal percentage of chlorpyrifos increased dramatically as the reaction pH decreased from 10 to 4. The effect of CG-Fe 0 was also studied and the results found that the degradation followed pseudo-first order kinetics.