The Preparation and Colors of Alkaline Earth Metal Cerium Molybdenum Oxides as Yellow Pigment

Tsutomu ODAKI, Kazuaki HASHIMOTO, Yoshitomo TODA
2006 Journal of the Japan Society of Colour Material  
Muo .5CeMo208 (M : alkaline earth metal) was prepared by a solid-state reaction for the improvement of chemical resistance of LiCeMo2O8. As a result, Ca0 .5CeMo208 was prepared by heating at 900 V, which had the most vividly yellow hue among the products. The absorption edge of spectral reflectance curve of Ca0 .5CeMo208 shifted to shorter wavelength by substitution of Sr2 + ion or W6 + ion . It was considered that the change of electronegativity gave a big influence to the absorption edge of
more » ... ectral reflectance curve of Ca0 .5CeMo208, because of the yellow hue of Ce3 + ion b ased on 4f 5d transition. It is obvious that its chemical resistance was improved greatly by substitution of Ca2 + i on compared with LiCeMo2O8 . Especially, Ca0.5CeMo208 had good resistance equal to cadmium yellow and bismuth vanadate in alkali solution .
doi:10.4011/shikizai1937.79.197 fatcat:bktvu465fjhvzhkqpxbuh7amfy