Hawthorne's True Artist in The Marble Faun: The Jewish Miriam?

Irina Rabinovich
2021 Athens Journal of Philology  
The Marble Faun (MF), besides being a travelogue account of Rome, is a story about sin, guilt, suffering and abuse; it is also a tale about love and friendship. It is a story about the relationships between four different individuals united by their mutual love of art. The more interesting and convincing woman of the two female characters in the novel is unquestionably Miriam. Miriam is a rebel, an artist, and a compassionate and redemptive figure. Nevertheless, her art has been almost totally
more » ... eglected, probably because most critics maintained that Miriam is an allegorical character lacking moral development or growth, whose function in the romance is limited to bringing about the Model's murder and enacting the romance's moral drama. The aim of this paper is to rectify a long and undeserved history of neglect and award Miriam her due status of Hawthorne's sole genuine artist. Keywords: art, Hawthorne's female artists, The Marble Faun
doi:10.30958/ajp.8-4-3 fatcat:4l34bc77gbaozemxnpj2or6unu