Effective Remote Sensing from the Internet of Drones through Flying Control with Lightweight Multitask Learning

Chao-Yang Lee, Huan-Jung Lin, Ming-Yuan Yeh, Jer Ling
2022 Applied Sciences  
The rapid development and availability of drones has raised growing interest in their numerous applications, especially for aerial remote-sensing tasks using the Internet of Drones (IoD) for smart city applications. Drones image a large-scale, high-resolution, and no visible band short wavelength infrared (SWIR) ground aerial map of the investigated area for remote sensing. However, due to the high-altitude environment, a drone can easily jitter due to dynamic weather conditions, resulting in
more » ... urred SWIR images. Furthermore, it can easily be influenced by clouds and shadow images, thereby resulting in the failed construction of a remote-sensing map. Most UAV remote-sensing studies use RGB cameras. In this study, we developed a platform for intelligent aerial remote sensing using SWIR cameras in an IoD environment. First, we developed a prototype for an aerial SWIR image remote-sensing system. Then, to address the low-quality aerial image issue and reroute the trajectory, we proposed an effective lightweight multitask deep learning-based flying model (LMFM). The experimental results demonstrate that our proposed intelligent drone-based remote-sensing system efficiently stabilizes the drone using our designed LMFM approach in the onboard computer and successfully builds a high-quality aerial remote-sensing map. Furthermore, the proposed LMFM has computationally efficient characteristics that offer near state-of-the-art accuracy at up to 6.97 FPS, making it suitable for low-cost low-power devices.
doi:10.3390/app12094657 fatcat:642iyl2ncvetfjxnmqvclkes3m