Molecular identification of Babesia spp isolated from Polish cattle with asymptomatic protozoa infections

M. Staniec, Ł. Adaszek, K. Buczek, S. Winiarczyk
The aim of the paper was to study the epizootic situation of babesiosis in the cattle population in eastern Poland and possibly to determine what species of protozoa infects Polish cattle. Blood samples for molecular analysis (real time PCR) were collected from 192 dairy cows from various farms located in eastern Poland. The infection was detected in 10.4% of the samples. All animals were infected with Babesia occultans which sequence of the 18S RNA gene fragment showed a 93.1%, homology with
more » ... 1%, homology with the sequence of B. occultans EU 376017. This is the first report about the detection of B. occultans DNA in asymptomatic cattle in eastern Poland.
doi:10.24425/119050 fatcat:5a74uue3cfcb5pmxxanmrnlkqm