Introducing the Chemical Industry into the Science Curriculum in Papua New Guinea [chapter]

1987 Education, Industry and Technology  
Papua New Guinea is a young, developing nation, achieving independence in 1975. Industries which can be classified as chemical industries by western standards, are almost non-existent in Papua New Guinea. As yet, most of the raw materials it produces are exported to other countries to be processed or manufactured into useful products. However, some factories have already been built; more will be built in future. At this stage of the country's development, we can consider the mining industry and
more » ... the processing of local primary products which utilise the basic techniques of chemical technology. In this paper, we explain how the lower secondary school pupils are introduced to Chemical industry in Papua New Guinea, with particular reference to the mining and extraction of copper on Bougainville island.
doi:10.1016/b978-0-08-033913-9.50033-6 fatcat:tlogx4et2nbfdocr3qmrucqnpi