Dynamics of Plane Stellar Systems [chapter]

Frank Hohl
1972 Astrophysics and Space Science Library  
The evolution of initially balanced rotating disks of stars is investigated with a computer model for isolated disks of stars. An isolated, initially cold balanced disk is found to be violently unstable. Adding a sufficient amount of velocity dispersion will stabilize all small-scale disturbances. However, the disks are still unstable against slowly growing long wave-length modes and after about two rotations most disks tend to assume a bar-shaped structure. It is found that the final mass
more » ... the final mass distribution over most of the disk can be closely approximated by an exponential variation, irrespective of the initial mass distribution. The gravitational two-stream instability is investigated by means of a modified computer model for infinite doubly periodic stellar systems.
doi:10.1007/978-94-010-2870-7_25 fatcat:hrhcd5ida5hnzjdvjbj6zmt3pi