FTIR Imaging Spectroscopy as a new tool to assess molecular building of human oocytes

G Gioacchini
2015 Current Trends in Clinical Embriology  
In the present paper, we have analysed two groups of human supernumerary oocytes by using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, for evaluating the changes caused by aging on their biomolecular composition. The assessment of human oocytes' quality plays a key role in Assisted Reproduction Technology. It is undoubtable that, among a variety of negative factors, aging represents the main cause of female infertility and, in this light, the complete understanding and elucidation of the
more » ... cidation of the processes induced in mature women on oocytes macromolecular structure, appears useful for better evaluating the quality assessment of female gametes. Besides the routinely techniques commonly used to detect oocytes quality before implantation, FTIR imaging analysis could be undoubtedly considered an original approach, which let obtain at the same time the morphological examination of the sample and the char-acterization of its biochemical profile. The exploitation of this technique allows identifying clear markers of oocyte quality worsening, such as the occurrence of peroxidative processes and epigenetic effects, the alteration of carbohydrate metabolism, membrane order and protein folding. All the obtained information contribute to increase the scientific knowledge in oocyte damage due to aging in order to develop new protocols to prevent them. KEY WORDS: FTIR imaging spectroscopy, oocyte.
doi:10.11138/cce/2015.2.1.017 fatcat:m5saloorrrd6xbl5zalgxkhtme