The Next Generation Fornax Survey (NGFS). VI. The Alignment of Dwarf Galaxies in the Fornax Cluster

Yu Rong, Thomas H. Puzia, Paul Eigenthaler, Yasna Ordenes-Briceño, Matthew A. Taylor, Roberto P. Muñoz, Hongxin Zhang, Gaspar Galaz, Karla Alamo-Martínez, Karen X. Ribbeck, Eva K. Grebel, Simón Ángel (+7 others)
2019 Astrophysical Journal  
Using the photometric data from the Next Generation Fornax Survey, we find a significant radial alignment signal among the Fornax dwarf galaxies. For the first time, we report that the radial alignment signal of nucleated dwarfs is stronger than that of non-nucleated ones at 2.4σ confidence level, and the dwarfs located in the outer region (R>R_vir/3; R_vir is the Fornax virial radius) show slightly stronger radial alignment signal than those in the inner region (R<R_vir/3) at 1.5σ level. We
more » ... o find that the significance of radial alignment signal is independent of the luminosities or sizes of the dwarfs.
doi:10.3847/1538-4357/ab3725 fatcat:sssk4krafzhsnmkpfsh6zs2l6q