Digital Signal Transformation and Computer Image Processing and Analysis Based on Multi-sensor Image Fusion

Fang Li
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Machinery, Materials, Environment, Biotechnology and Computer   unpublished
Image Fusion Technology is widely applied in various fields with the continuous development of image sensor technology. This study puts forward an image fusion algorithm based on Pulse Coupled Neural Network (PCNN) and Non Subsampled Contourlet Transform (NSCT). The algorithm does not make simultaneous use of PCNN on high frequency sub-band and low frequency sub-band. The fusion algorithm applied in fusion of low frequency sub-band coefficients is specifically designed for the high requirement
more » ... n image definition of low frequency sub-band which can realize the fusion of local definition and marginal area energy. While the algorithm applied in fusion of high frequency sub-band coefficients takes bigger absolute values of coefficients, which is obtained from the highest level sub-band that can completely preserve marginal information showing images. For other hierarchies, PCNN fusion method which takes the spatial frequency as coefficient of connection is selected, so as to improve the visual features of fusion results.
doi:10.2991/mmebc-16.2016.84 fatcat:7xhyqvgjgvhhjlsnwxvsva53nq