A Case of Bilateral Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Associated with Ganglion Cysts in Medial Elbow

Cheol Choi, Jung Wook Park, Hui Jung Kim, Je Hyun Yoo, Tae Hee Kim, Ki Deok Park, Ju Kang Lee, Oh Kyung Lim
2020 Journal of Electrodiagnosis and Neuromuscular Diseases  
Introduction Cubital tunnel syndrome is the second most common compressive peripheral neuropathy occurring in the upper limbs.1 There are five areas in all where the ulnar nerve can be compressed. Among them, the cubital tunnel has the most frequent incidence of compression (arcade of Struthers, the medial inter-Here, we report a patient with bilateral cubital tunnel syndrome caused by both medial elbow ganglion cysts. The patient complained of paresthesia in the ring and small finger with
more » ... ll finger with weakness in both the hands caused by the gradual enlargement of a soft mass that was felt in both medial elbows for about three years. The patient complained of difficulty in using chopsticks and bringing the fingers together. Electrodiagnostic study revealed bilateral ulnar neuropathy at elbow level. Suspecting a ganglion cyst, an ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging studies were performed. Aspiration of these cysts (a yellow jelly-like fluid) had improved patient's symptom and electrodiagnostic findings in follow-up study. It is rare that a medial elbow ganglion leads to ulnar neuropathy. We report a case where the patient's symptoms improved with conservative treatment without surgical excision.
doi:10.18214/jend.2020.22.1.33 fatcat:xt7hprsilja4flhw7zbdmkzbzq