Upper Jurassic - Lower Cretaceous deposits in the South-Western part of Padurea Craiului. Formal lithostratigraphic units

Ioan Cociuba
2000 Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai: Geologia  
The paper describes the Upper Jurassic -Lower Cretaceous deposits of the Bihor Unit from Pădurea Craiului Mountains, according to the International Stratigraphic Guide. All the previously described formations are included; besides, new formations are defined in case of deposits which were not previously described in agreement with this code. The Upper Jurassic units here described are Vad, Cornet, Aştileu, and Albioara Formations (the last one divided into Secătura and Valea Cuţilor Members).
more » ... Cuţilor Members). The corresponding Lower Cretaceous units are: Blid Formation (divided into Dobreşti and Coposeni Members), Ecleja Formation (partly divided into Gugu and Valea Bobdei Members), Valea Măgurii, and Vârciorog Formations. The age of each formation is documented on the content of foraminifers and algae or on the ammonite species where appropriate.
doi:10.5038/1937-8602.45.2.4 fatcat:ojcpz4s4pzffxav5twtcht73om