A kinetic study of bulk thermal polymerization of styrene

1986 Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan  
A kinetic study was performed on the bulk thermal polymerization of styrene. The conversion and average molecular weights were measured. Rate equations were derived on the basis of a modelproposed in a previous paper which introduced the gel effect into each elementary reaction by considering the decrease of segmental jump frequency during polymerization. The model could successfully simulate the conversion and the average molecular weight. Experimental results for the facilitated transport of
more » ... tbylene through supported liquid membranes containing silver nitrate as a carrier are presented. The selectivity factor in the separation of ethylene and ethane increases with increasing carrier concentration, reaching about 1000 when silver nitrate concentration is 4 mol/dm3. An approximation method for calculating the rate of facilitated transport accompanied by an instantaneous reversible reaction is proposed. This methodis applicable even to the case where the diffusivities of the carrier and the complex differ from each other. It is found that the effect of experimental condition on the permeation rate of ethylene is satisfactorily explained by assuming that the reaction between ethylene and Ag + is instantaneous and reversible.
doi:10.1252/jcej.19.413 fatcat:i2vydb3zjbbizaoxtap2qgohvi