A local positive feedback of the tropical Pacific ocean-atmosphere system on interdecadal timescales

Chunhui Li, Dongxiao Wang, Jianyin Liang, Dejun Gu, Yun Liu
2006 Chinese Science Bulletin  
Interdecadal variability characteristics of ocean-atmosphere interaction in the tropical areas are investigated by using atmospheric reanalysis data and oceanic dataset. Results indicate that due to the ocean-atmosphere system's internal adjustment on interdecadal time scales, the exchanges of latent heat and sensible heat between the ocean and atmosphere are reduced by means of weakening trade wind, causing oceanic thermocline anomalies and resulting in unusual warming of sea surface
more » ... e in the central and eastern Pacific. Meanwhile the increases of sea surface temperature facilitate much more development of convection in the eastern Pacific and excite a local ascending motion in the eastern and anomalous westerlies in the central and eastern Pacific, which further weaken the Walker circulation, and vice versa. Thus these processes constitute an interdecadal mode of positive feedback. This interdecadal feedback of the tropical oceanatmosphere system is different from the previous conclusion of a so-called midlatitude-driving mechanism, which was used to explain the decadal variability in the tropical Pacific Ocean.
doi:10.1007/s11434-006-0601-y fatcat:u44bfguye5htbc6ydsslqe3bdi