Pricing options on realized variance in the Heston model with jumps in returns and volatility

Artur Sepp
2008 Journal of Computational Finance  
We develop analytical methodology for pricing and hedging options on the realized variance under the Heston stochastic variance model (1993) augmented with jumps in asset returns and variance. By employing generalized Fourier transform we obtain analytical solutions (up to numerical inversion of Fourier integral) for swaps on the realized volatility and variance and for options on these swaps. We also extend our framework for pricing forward-start options on the realized variance and
more » ... ance and volatility, including options on the VIX. Our methodology allows us to consistently unify pricing and risk managing of different volatility options. We provide an example of model parameters estimation using both time series of the VIX and the VIX options data and find that the proposed model is in agreement with both historical and implied market data. Finally, we derive a log-normal approximation to the density of the realized variance in the Heston model and obtain accurate approximate solution for volatility options with longer maturities.
doi:10.21314/jcf.2008.185 fatcat:ltiecgh6qbgirnpzxcydeaka24