Anomalous Magnetic Field Effects Interpreted by the Relaxation Mechanism under Ultrahigh Fields of up to 28 T

Atom Hamasaki, Kiyoshi Nishizawa, Yoshio Sakaguchi, Toshiyuki Okada, Giyuu Kido, Masanobu Wakasa
2005 Chemistry Letters  
Magnetic field effects on the triplet sensitization reaction of p-aminophenyl disulfide were studied in a sodium dodecylsulfate micellar solution by a nanosecond laser flash photolysis technique under ultrahigh magnetic fields of up to 28 T. The yield of the escaped p-aminophenyl thiyl radical decreased by 6 AE 2% at 28 T compared with that at 0 T.
doi:10.1246/cl.2005.1692 fatcat:few62fe34rfpjfcb6dp5bjwzsu