L-glutathione Capped CdSeS/ZnS Quantum Dots as an Environmentally Hazardous Chemical Sensor

Meenakshi Rana, Papia Chowdhury
Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research Print   unpublished
Sensing ability of fluorescence based L-glutathione (L-GSH) capped CdSeS/ZnS Core-Shell quantum dots (QDs) has been investigated for environmentally hazardous metal ion (Zn 2+). A "Turn-On" response for Zn 2+ ions has been observed through the enhancement of fluorescence intensity with the increasing concentration of Zn 2+ ions. The CdSeS/ZnS Core-Shell quantum dots (QDs) coated with L-GSH were synthesized and characterized using UV-Visible and fluorescence spectroscopy. The influencing factor
more » ... influencing factor in the determination of fluorescence was studied for both the CdSeS/ZnS QDs and L-GSH capped CdSeS/ZnS QDs. The surface modification of QDs with L-glutathione makes them available for interaction with the targeted materials and it further increases the emission quantum yields of QDs.