Improvement in a Patient with Active Systemic Lupus Erythematosous Treated with Transplant of Intestinal Microbiota

Álvaro Zamudio Tiburcio
2019 Gastroenterology Medicine & Research  
We analyzed a single case of a patient with active Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), transplanted with Intestinal Microbiota (IMT). She had 34 years old, with active SLE with 9 years of evolution. She has lupic glomerulonephritis and the last 6 months diarrhea, the she loss weight (28kg) and had desnutrition (BCI 16). Treated with racecadotrilo and loperamide. A coprologic study showed Blastocystis hominis. She did not received treatment for this parasite. An IMT was done 9 months ago,
more » ... g diarrhea and anxiety. After a week she was hospitalized because diarrhea, deshydratation. Under care of a nephrologist who prescribe Mycophenolic acid, and nothing change. A different nephrologist stops Mycophenolic acid and prescribe Azathioprine resulting in improvement when nausea and diarrhea ceased. Next day she was eating and recovered 7kg, however, she was anemic (her hemoglobin was 8g/dL) and she was transfused with total blood. Weights 15 more kilograms, oscillating between 52 to 55kg and her was asymptomatic. 55k. She offered testimony of her improvement. Clinical Case A female of 34 y.o. who had a loss weight of 28kg since the last year, with diarrhea, disseminated arthralgias, anxiety, depression, headaches, dysuria, abdominal distention, cholic pains, leg edema, eructs, fetid gases expulsed, halitosis, nauseas, polydipsia, gastreoesophageal reflux, somnolency and occasional vomits. With normal urine, clinical chemistry, and minimum changes in her hematic biometry; presence of untreated Blastocystis hominis; and normal colonoscopy; has abnormal immunologic studies. Her hemolytic Complement activity 50% was 99.56 units CEA. Reference: 63 -145 normal CEA units. Complement C3 fraction: 67.9mg/dl. Normal reference 90 -180mg/dl Complement C4 fraction: 17.4mg/dl. Normal reference 10-40mg/dl Antinuclear Antibodies positive, dilution: 1:160*.
doi:10.31031/gmr.2019.03.000551 fatcat:zet7xqvs3rdl3jtwpwhb7gc4wm