Evaluación de ensilajes de cereales de grano pequeño, sobre la producción de leche de vacas overo colorado

Hernán Felipe Elizalde V., Ana María Menéndez V.
2004 Agro Sur  
Whole -crop cereal silage evaluation with M.R.Y. dairy cows. Key words: barley silage, oat silage, wheat silage, dairy cows, milk production. The objective of the experiment was to evaluate the productive response of lactating dairy cows fed three different whole crop cereal silages. Eighteen dual purpose Meusse Rhinne Yssel (M.R.Y) dairy cows were allocated to a change over experimental design with three treatments: (A) oat whole crop silage; (B) barley whole crop silage; and (C) wheat whole
more » ... d (C) wheat whole crop silage. Cows were housed in different groups, fed the respective silage ad lib, plus 3.0 kg of a concentrate supplement. During recording weeks, milk yields were recorded daily and a sample of milk from each animal was taken and analysed for it´s nutritional composition. Voluntary intake per group was recorded. The chemical composition of the silage was evaluated.. The B treatment presented a higher energy and protein content than A and C. Silage fermentation characteristics were acceptable across treatments. Voluntary intake was higher (P ≤ 0,05) for treatments B and C compared to treatment A. Milk production was higher (P ≤ 0,05) for treatment B, with milk composition being similar between treatments, except for the protein content which was lower (P ≤ 0,05) for animals eating silage A. Silage B showed a better animal performance than A or C silages, being a better alternative for milk production. RESUMEN Palabras clave: ensilaje de cebada, ensilaje de avena, ensilaje de trigo, vacas lecheras, producción de leche.
doi:10.4206/agrosur.2004.v32n2-06 fatcat:ip26mi2a3zbefovqxysic3nssq