Türk Din Tarihi Araştırmalarında Karşılaşılan Problemler ve Öneriler

2018 Turkish Studies  
Turks, one of the oldest nations in history, have not adopted different religions for centuries and have interacted with various cultures in different geographical regions. Although the description is made in Turkey and tried a variety of the world, the Turks have not been studied enough history of religion and culture. There are some problems encountered during the researches on the history of Turkish religion. The tongues of the sources related to the history of the Turks vary according to
more » ... ary according to the time, depending on the religion or the geographical region, the neighboring states. In this way, there are resources in Chinese, Persian and Arabic languages. It is important to emphasize the importance of correctly naming the ancient beliefs of the Turks in the history of Turkish religious studies. In this sense, what shamanism is and how it takes place in the history of Turkish religion should be determined correctly. The Turks have always believed in God, the only supreme being. The problem is how to name this religion in the center of which God is involved. This dynastic "old religion" is also a manifestation of the view of religion as a historical phenomenon and it is wrong. Important studies can be obtained by examining the graves and holy places in the history of Turkish religious studies. It is also necessary to know what kind of role the beliefs of beliefs overlap or converge on the earth, how they are reflected in their living quarters, and what role they play in naming existing spaces. The difficulties that researchers have experienced in choosing the right topic, the lack of coordination with each other, and the fact that they do not know the language of the investigated country are also problems to be solved. These problems will be discussed in detail in the study, and suggestions for solution of the problems will be given STRUCTURED ABSTRACT The history of Turkish religion is part of the history of the general religion and Turkishness, which examines the beliefs and practices of a religion as a historical discipline, the birth, development and stages of a religion. Problems valid for the history of general religions As well as being valid for the history of Turkish religion, the history of Turkish religion also has its own problems other than the general history of religion. These problems can be listed as follows:
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.12859 fatcat:6ucpbh3kijac3m4yxyyp25xkqm