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International Journal Of Academic Research In Business, Arts & Science (IJARBAS)
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The study examined the influence of science education on the choice of entrepreneurial skills among undergraduates of Universities in Ekiti State. The descriptive research of the survey type was adopted in this study. The population for the study comprised all undergraduates of Science Education department in public universities in Ekiti State. The sample consisted of 300 respondents drawn from Science Education Department in two universities in Ekiti State. The sample was selected using
more » ... tage sampling procedure. The research instrument for this study was a self-designed questionnaire titled "Science Education and Choice of Entrepreneurial Skill Questionnaire" (SECESQ). The instrument for the study was validated by experts in the area of Tests and Measurement and Science Education. The reliability of the instrument was determined through test re-test method. A co-efficient of 0.83 was obtained and this is considered high enough to make the instrument reliable and useful for the study. The data collected through the instruments were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The study revealed that the level of undergraduates' choices of entrepreneurial skills among science education students in Universities in Ekiti State was moderate. Also, science education was beneficial to undergraduates' choice of entrepreneurial skill in Universities. It was recommended among others that Science Education students should be encouraged to exhibit positive attitude towards entrepreneurial skills. Also, courses on entrepreneurship studies should be incorporated into Science Education curriculum content by National University Commission. Keywords: Science Education, Choice, Entrepreneurial Skills, Undergraduates,https://www.ijarbas.com/2020/05/31/influence-of-science-education-on-the-choice-of-entrepreneurial-skills-among-undergraduates-of-universities-in-ekiti-state-nigeria/
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