Electric Heating System with Thermal Storage Units and Ceiling Fans for Cattle-Breeding Farms

Aleksei Khimenko, Dmitry Tikhomirov, Stanislav Trunov, Aleksey Kuzmichev, Vadim Bolshev, Olga Shepovalova
2022 Agriculture  
A combined energy–saving heat supply system was proposed that included a combined ETS unit and a ceiling fan, and provided the normative air parameters in a livestock room, with an air temperature of −17 °C and air relative humidity (ARH) of −75%. A heat supply system of a preventive maintenance premises for calves was chosen as the subject of the study. Comparative analysis of the temperature and ARH distribution with height in the preventive maintenance premises, was carried out, with and
more » ... out a ceiling fan. The study showed that, during the heating period, application of the ceiling fans helped to raise the air temperature and to reduce ARH, in the areas where young stock is located, in accordance with the normative indicators. The energy-saving effect was achieved by supplying warmer ventilation air, which accumulated in the upper zone of the premises from the ceiling fan to the locations of the animals. At the same time, there was a decrease in the consumption of electric energy for the heat supply system of up to 14%.
doi:10.3390/agriculture12111753 fatcat:7hbztoa4abcftmoyiu3tkjczya