Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging

B.K. Errangi, S.G. Lingala
Proceedings of the IEEE 32nd Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference  
During the last decade the development of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has led to the design of numerous imaging techniques. One of these is Diffusion tensor MRI, which measures the motion of hydrogen atoms within water molecules in all three dimensions. In tissues containing a large number of fibers, like skeletal muscle or white brain matter, water tends to diffuse only along the direction of the fibers. The development of Diffusion Tensor MRI has raised hopes in the neural science
more » ... ty for in vivo methods to track fiber paths in the white matter. A number of approaches have been presented, but there are still several essential problems that need to be solved. The technique may also be used to understand the functional connectivity between the different regions of the brain. Diffusion tensor tractography is being used to study the areas of complex anatomy (such as the language areas), the connections of which were poorly understood before. These techniques may go a long way in both clinical neurological and neurosurgical practice, as well as in furthering our understanding about this complex organ.
doi:10.1109/nebc.2006.1629755 fatcat:gj6qaa526jgabitf7vniukrrf4