Power system EMP protection. Final report [report]

J.H. Marable, P.R. Barnes, D.B. Nelson
1975 unpublished
Voltage transients induced in electric power lines and control circuits by the electrcaacjnetic puiee (MP) froa high-altitude nu clear detonations aay cause widespread power failure and daaage in electric power systeas. Vbis report contains a parsaetric study of MP power line surges and discusses protective aeasures to ndnlaixe their effects. Since BO? surges have considerably greater rates of rise than lightning surges, rscoamended standards and teat procedure! oo i JST»I wt t*»i*»o« ••**w>t
more » ... t*»i*»o« ••**w>t (TC Unclassified X Unclassified t4Ci«»Tw <i -n»K»n--tq»a •LOCK 20 -(Continued) are given to assure that surge arresters protect equipatnt fro* by MP. Expected disturbances and •'maage to power systcas are re viewed, and actions are presented which distribution coapanics can take to counter thea. These include backup coaaunfcations aethods, stockpiling of vulnerable parts, repair procedures, and dispatcher actions to prevent blackout froa BaScaused instabilities. A longrange prograa is presented for iaproving distributors* protection against MP. This involves eaployee training, hardware protection for power and control circuits, and iaproveajnt of plans for eaergency action. Unclassified
doi:10.2172/4198431 fatcat:pjs37hlagbdbnlo5gnszdbodyq