Effect of Chromium Content Variation on Wear Resistance of Rotavator Blades

Gagandeep Singh Sandhu, Ravinder Singh, Inderjeet Singh, Farman Khan
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Chromium is a vital constituent of Rotavator blades and affects the hardness of blades. Rotavator blades face abrasive wear when it is used in fields to condition the soil, which severely affects its working life. The objective of this study was to increase the life of the rotavator blade made of EN-42J spring steel by means of hard facing. Two types of iron-based hard facing electrodes with range of Chromium (23%-29% approximately by weight) were used to deposit on the rotavator blade. Two
more » ... ator blade. Two different hard facings namely H-23Cr and H-29Cr were deposited by manual metal arc welding (MMAW) on rotavator blade. Pin-On-Disc (ASTM G99) test was done to calculate wear rate of the hard faced and un-hard faced samples of rotavator blades. The results showed that the hard faced EN-42J has shown high wear protection as compared to un-hard faced EN-42J. The wear rate was minimum in case of H-29Cr hard facing. The H-29Cr-EN-42J hard facing-substrate combination showed maximum wear resistance. From the test result the wear rate of the un-hard faced blade was 1.679 gm/hr, while those of the H-29Cr and H-23Cr hard facing alloys were 0.112 gm/hr and 0.239 gm/hr respectively.