How to Lose to a Chess Playing Computer According to Jean Baudrillard

Gary Genosko
2007 unpublished
Articolo sottoposto a peer review. Ricevuto il 29/08/2016. Accettato il 05/10/2016 *** «The film The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner is a very fine example, from a social and political point of view, of this ubiquitous counter-economy. The hero is an adolescent in a rehabilitation center who deliberately renounces a decisive victory in a running contest in order to avoid spreading any of the glory to his institutional oppressors. By losing, he preserves his own truth: here, failure
more » ... with class revolt. Admittedly, in this story, the failure is explicitly deliberate, but it is not difficult to see how 'accidental' lapses and physical slips may acquire virtually the same meaning of denial and resistance»