Combination of PPI with a prokinetic drug in gastroesophageal reflux disease

Suzanna Ndraha
2011 Acta Medica Indonesiana  
to evaluate the efficacy of combination of PPI with prokinetic drug compared to PPI mono therapy in GERD patients with high frequency scale for the symptoms of GERD (FSSG) score. sixty dyspeptic patients having heartburn and/or regurgitation were recruited during the period of July 2010-April 2011 in this double blind clinical trial. By randomization, they were divided into two groups; group A was given omeprazole 2 x 20 mg and domperidone 3 x 10 mg for 2 weeks, while another group was only
more » ... n omeprazole 2 x 20 mg. The FSSG score was performed before treatment and after 2 weeks of treatment. there were 20 (33%) males and 40 (67%) females. The mean total score of FSSG was 25.3 ± 8.2 at pretest, and 19.3 ± 9.7 at posttest, with improvement of 6.1 ± 4.9. The FSSG score in group A after treatment (19.3 ± 11.3) was significantly lower than before treatment (26.7 ± 8.9, p<0.001) as well as in group B (from 23.9 ± 7.3 to 19,3 ± 7.9, p<0.001). The mean improvement score in group A was 7.5 ± 5.9, while in the group B was of 4.6 ± 3.3, and this difference was statistically significant (p=0.02) combination of omeprazole with domperidone in GERD patients with high FSSG score is more superior compared to omeprazole monotherapy.
pmid:22156354 fatcat:ygoprzgknnhajbofzc7w75wkrq