Gingival Biotype - A Review

2017 Indian Journal of Dental Advancements  
Gingival biotype refers to the quality of soft tissue profile surrounding the tooth. It was suggested that since the two tissue biotypes have different gingival and osseous architectures, they exhibit different pathological responses when subjected to inflammatory, traumatic, or surgical insults. These factors dictate the disease progression, treatment outcome and prognosis.Periodontal biotype evaluation is an important parameter in establishing patient expectations in many complex esthetic
more » ... omplex esthetic procedures by allowing the clinician to predict therapeutic outcome. By understanding the nature of biotypes clinician can employ appropriate periodontal therapy and minimize unwanted treatment outcomes. Here is a brief overview about the forms, prevalence and clinical scenarios with regard to the different tissue biotypes.
doi:10.5866/2017.9.10086 fatcat:qyokq654szbnnefbnuf7gcwiza