Ваганова Ольга Игоревна, Гладков Алексей Владимирович, Коновалова Елена Юрьевна, Воронина Ирина Романовна
2020 Балтийский гуманитарный журнал, № 1(30) 29.02.2020  
In connection with the development of information technology, changing requirements of the modern labor market, the issue of the use of digital technologies in the educational space is currently being updated. Modern employers need specialists who are fluent in the use of electronic technology in professional activities. Digital technologies are an integral part of society, provide ample opportunity for the formation of specialist competence. The article discusses the main digital educational
more » ... chnologies, among which stand out such as: cloud technology, mobile space, web quest, online courses and gamification. The functions of technologies are revealed: managerial, educational and communicative. The purpose of the article is to disclose the essence of digital technologies in the educational space and determine their advantages, which include visibility, accessibility, orientation on the individual abilities of students. Various digital technologies in the educational space are aimed at the comprehensive development of students, the development of their practical skills, increasing motivation for learning, as well as the simplification and convenience of teachers. It is shown that digital educational technologies in the educational space are a prerequisite for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the educational process.
doi:10.26140/bgz3-2020-0902-0012 fatcat:2dotyh6pebeepehsvx3vdmcxhq