Synthesis of Potential Antiradiation Agents. Part I. Some Rhodanine Derivatives

V. R. Mamdapur, A. S. U. Choughuley, M. S. Chadha
1965 Zenodo  
Several thiazoline and thiazolidine derivatives have been tested as radioprotective agents and some of these have been reported to be effective. The corresponding rhodanines may also possess radioprotective activity and in view of this, several rhodanine derivatives have been synthesised. Some \(\alpha\beta\)-unsaturated acids and their epoxides on treatment with ammonium dithiocarbamate have furnished rhodanine derivatives. Structural proof is provided by their conversion to the corresponding
more » ... iones and in some cases by synthesis through independent routes.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6507165 fatcat:gkq65jko6zenld2ystcyztwsc4