The communication of information in Western Samoa : the case of health [article]

Kevin Bishop, University Of Canterbury
Health and development are inextricably linked. Within the current development paradigm, Primary Health Care (PHC) has emerged as the dominant approach to address the health problems in Lesser Developed Countries (LDCs). An important element in the process of PHC is the dissemination of health information, enabling communities to improve their own health situations. Using Western Samoa as an example of a developing nation, this thesis investigates the diffusion of health information and its
more » ... rmation and its change over time. Analysis of communication processes revealed barriers which reduce the effectiveness of health information diffusion. HIV/AIDS and diabetes information used as two contemporary examples for investigation. Communication barriers have resulted in a separation between the senders and receivers of health information. The evolution of the Western medical paradigm is established as the cause of many of these barriers.
doi:10.26021/8502 fatcat:bsni5vemwzb6foomb6ym6hwxhu