Applying and improving the restriction grammar approach for Dutch patient discharge summaries

Peter Spyns, Geert Adriaens
1992 Proceedings of the 14th conference on Computational linguistics -   unpublished
This paper starts by giving a short overview of one existing NLP project for the medical sublanguage (1). After having presented our objectives (2), we will describe the Restriction Grammar formalism (3), the datastructure we use for parsing (4) and our parser (5) enhanced with a special control structure (6). An attempt to build a bootstrap dictionary of medical terminology in a semi-automatic way will also be discussed (7) . A brief evaluation (8) and a short outline of our future research
more » ... future research (9) will conclude this article. 1. context and state of the art ACTES DE COLING-92, NANTES, 23-28 Adler 1992 Zweigenbaum P. et al (1990): Natural language processing of patient discharge summaries (NLPAD)extraction prototype, in Noothoven van Goor
doi:10.3115/992424.992478 fatcat:2k7fdojggzbilh7gqx65ldufz4