Case Study: Exploration of Medical Student Self- Directed Learning (SDL) Process

Francisca A Tjakradidjaja, Yayi S Prabandari, Titi S Prihatiningsih, Harsono Harsono
2017 Proceedings of the 1st International Integrative Conference on Health, Life and Social Sciences (ICHLaS 2017)   unpublished
Self-directed learning (SDL) emphasized the students to be responsible in their learning process. SDL capabilities need to be owned by physicians, so physicians will be able to face the continuous scientific changes and they can develop the lifelong learning capabilities. This study aimed to explore the process of SDL on medical students. This study was an exploratory qualitative research. Informants were selected based on the maximum variation. The number of informants are 23 students. Data
more » ... analyzed using thematic analysis approach. Twelve informants were male and 11 were female. The average of age was 21 years old. Eighteen informants live in the rental house, 13 informants come from high school, the rest come from the madrasah aliyah, 12 informants did not come from islamic boarding school. There were 12 informants from preclinical stage and 11 informants from clinical stage. The area of informant origin from Jakarta were eight, West Java were three, Central Java were three, East Java were four, Gorontalo was one, South Sumatra were two, Banten was two. The themes that emerged in the SDL process involves ten stages, namely: (1) learning target; (2) learning organization; (3) learning strategies; (4) learning resources; (5) consistency; (6) time management; (7) self-control; (8) performance insight; (9) review; and (10) strategic planning. SDL process was described as a spiral which shows that the process was a continuous ongoing process. The size of the spiral increasingly large that describing the quality of SDL processes were improving in line with level of education. The students of PSPD FKIK UIN SH Jakarta seen not optimal undergo the whole process, especially in consistency, time management, performance insight, and the review. Medical student should to improve their skills on SDL by practicing the ten step of SDL process.
doi:10.2991/ichlas-17.2017.27 fatcat:fut7umke55c27jn54ncvh4utly