Biochemical Status of Animal Organism Under Conditions of Technogenic Agroecosystem

Rinat R. Fatkullin, Evgeniya M. Ermolova, Vladimir I. Kosilov, Yuliya V. Matrosova, Svetlana A. Chulichkova
2018 International scientific and practical conference "AgroSMART - Smart solutions for agriculture" (AgroSMART 2018)   unpublished
The biochemical characteristic of the conditions of systems allows reviewing the nature and intensity of diseases (pathogenesis). To study the adaptation of the animal organism to the conditions of ecosystem pollution by toxic elements and to establish the specific metabolism routes, we have investigated a number of biochemical indicators of protein, carbohydrate, lipidic and mineral metabolism of cows. Our suggestion on lowered antioxidative function of cow blood plasma is confirmed by high
more » ... centrations of β-lipoproteins. Their level in animals is 8.00±0.11 and 7.28±0.11 g/l (Р<0.001), correspondingly, which is higher than the reference values by 20.3...32.01%. The results of biochemical studies of cow blood serum demonstrating the indicators of protein metabolism in the organism and comparison of them with reference data allow suggesting that the complex and sophisticated impact of anthropogenic environment pollution cause pseudoadaptation of animals that temporarily compensate hidden pathologic processes. In general, the established changes witness characteristic disturbance of intermediate lipide metabolism in studied cows, which is expressed as lipidemia and hyper-β-proteinemia.
doi:10.2991/agrosmart-18.2018.35 fatcat:im3dzrsvqnf7vgkqbhl64d45xu