A study on the Cultural Role of Nowruz in the Enhancement of National Identity for Iranian People

Maliheh Salem
2015 unpublished
The main purpose of this research is to recognize the cultural role of Nowruz in Iranian national identity. Cultural expression is an important element for national identity. In this article, the role of conventions and behaviors in the Nowruz-as a subset of cultural appearances-in the enhancement of national identity for Iranian people is dealt with according to the theories of Miller and Geertz. Understanding the conventions and behaviors of Nowruz is important in that it provides the
more » ... ity for the enhancement of national identity and its preservation, which can act as a way out of cultural threats. This article uses the documentative historical analysis method to answer such questions as "how Nowruz conventions influence the enhancement of Iranian national identity?" and"how Nowruz behaviors influence the enhancement of national identity?" In order to answer these questions, cultural expressions of Nowruz are studied in two parts, namely conventions and behaviors. Findings show that there is a close relationship between cultural conventions of Nowruz and the enhancement of Iranian national identity. In this regard, we can note several functions for these conventions and behaviors, such as increasing hope and happiness, enhancing positive attitude to life, strengthening family relationships and enhancing national coherence.