"A Study on "Factor Analysis"is one of the Suitable tools of "Multivariate Analysis"for Consumer Behaviour in Marketing Research"

dr Khedkar
2016 unpublished
Consumer behaviour is the behaviour of individual prospects buyer in group or Society to have purchase decision. Study of Consumer behaviour is to study on individual consumer"s choice, needs, perception, moto, motive, experiences, ideas and impact on product and becoming prospect buyer. It studies characteristics of individual consumers on geographic existence, psychographic characteristics, demographically and based on behavioural factors. To measure influences on the consumer from groups
more » ... mer from groups such as family, friends, sports, reference groups, and society in general. Hence measure of human behaviour is required with the proper analysis. One of the suitable tools to measure human behaviour is Factor Analysis. Based on the consumer behaviour analysis it is to do in business about consumer retention, consumer relationship management, personalization, customization and direct marketing, etc. In this study it is reflected the importance of Factor Analysis as a tool for Research on consumer behaviour. The study is based on the Analysis with the help of Secondary data.