RESISTIRE D6.2 Report on solutions cycle 2

Aart Kerremans, Alain Denis, Emmanuel Detsis, Agnieszka Kolasińska, Marcela Linková, Roberto Cibin, Claudia Aglietti, Marina Cacace, Sofia Strid, Anne-Charlott Callerstig, Lina Sandström
2022 Zenodo  
This report gives an overview of the development of the action-ideas that came out of the second cycle of Open Studios and how they were further combined with results of the research activities of the second cycle. They have been developed into Operational Recommendations, Pilot Projects, and an Agenda for Future Research. The Operational Recommendations, designed as RESISTIRÉ Factsheets, focus on six topics: inclusive multi-actor crisis management, gender-based violence during crises, creating
more » ... safe digital spaces, developing resilient education systems, women's perspectives in the National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRPs) and related policies, and vulnerable groups in the NRRPs. The Factsheets provide a brief overview of how COVID-19 has made visible or reinforced existing inequalities pertaining to the topic, show personal stories of people affected by them, and give examples of inspiring policies/initiatives to mitigate these inequalities. Finally, the Factsheets list several recommendations to various stakeholders that would address these inequalities. The Pilot Projects are a selection of four action-ideas, developed into project concepts, that would address some of the inequalities that RESISTIRÉ has identified and researched. The four selected project concepts are Care Fair, Inclusive Schools (toolbox), Engaging with Gender-based Violence Through Sport, and Resilient Together: We Will Survive Secondary Trauma. These project concepts have been designed and refined based on the input of the Open Studios, as well as the insights of other experts knowledgeable on the topic. Public calls have been launched, whereby interested organisations could apply to lead the project. Finally, the Agenda for Future Research consists of six domains, which contain an analysis of findings from the second cycle of the RESISTIRÉ project, as well as an identification of knowledge gaps. It also outlines research questions and topics that future research should address. The six research agendas encompass the topics of inclusiv [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6913327 fatcat:kpbqifmmmbcexohjai4umwx26a