Showcasing Front-running Creative Practices for Sustainable Cities & Landscapes

Cristina Garzillo, Cécile Houpert, Matthew Bach, Anthony Colclough
As the title of this journal suggests, we are interested in creative practices, as something that is produced in "the embodied and creative uses of heritage generated by people." 1 A central issue of this section is the relationship of creative practices with cultural and natural heritage in cities and landscapes and, more specifically, how we can understand their respective roles and interactions in the context of local sustainability processes. Considering these questions at the landscape
more » ... e, whether urban, peri-urban or rural, offers new interpretative opportunities. Indeed, landscapes, irrespective of their specific context, interweave natural and cultural elements beyond recognition, thereby helping us to think of them holistically. Culture here, whether in relation to emerging creative practices or heritage-natural or cultural, tangible or intangible-plays a unifying conceptual 1. David Crouch, "The perpetual performance and emergence of the heritage", in Emma Waterton and Steve Watson (eds.), Culture, Heritage and Representation (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2010), 57-71, https://doi.
doi:10.6092/issn.2612-0496/8433 fatcat:ppxxoeczl5fjrjaoyv5bhy3vgq