Detection and tracking of the hand in remote chess game system

Huibai Wang, Ruiming Xing
2015 Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information Technology and Management Innovation   unpublished
Remote chess game system use the network transmission to let the rival chess image transfor to our own computer.At the same time,the virtual chess pieces that represent our own chess pieces are in the rival chess image.The image on monitor show the two sides of chess pieces real-timely.The detection and tracking of the hand has very important significance to detect the movement of chess pieces and the effect of the system.In this paper,an algorithm based on skin color detection and inter-frame
more » ... on and inter-frame difference is used to detect the position of hand and this position is the initial search window in Camshift.This algorithm can detect the position of hand automatically. Kalman filter is used to predict to solve the color interference question that may track the wrong position.The results show that this algorithm can detect and track the hand accurately and real-timely.
doi:10.2991/icitmi-15.2015.178 fatcat:7um65ooyc5h7dkgnpqf4koiguy